Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Day 3: Red

I go across town to the “east” side for a Precept Bible Study with one of my friends.

Now Here is where I chase a rabbit.

My Doctor is also across town. Randy used to give me a hard time about driving “clear across town” to go to the Doctor!  My answer was always, “Honey, you are talking to a woman that used to drive 17 miles just to get to Wal-Mart!!” He never had an answer to that!

Anyway, back to my Day 3: Red

Today my friend Carol and I went to Nu-way for lunch! (Nu-way is a story within itself! – a story for another time.)

I had been thinking “red” all day because of today’s prompt and VIOLA! As we were living the Nu-way – that actually looked like a diner, I found my red. Reminded me a bit of home! Smile


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