Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pic Monkey

I’ve been playing around with Pic Monkey – not much but just trying to come up with some cover photo’s for Face Book. So I’ve taken 3 random pictures and added Bible verses to them. I’m going to experiment more with these in the future. I’ve perused the site and realize there are a ton of things I can learn to do.

Pic Monkey 1

Pic Monkey 2
Same picture just different colors for the verse.
Neither one is very easy to read.

Pic Monkey 3
I’m not sure what I did to the font on this one…
Pic Monkey 4

Pic Monkey 5
To be able to use them as a cover photo for Face book I have to position the verse just right because of placement of FB words.

Once done, I also realized I forgot to put the Scripture “address” with the verses.. Oh well. I’m not aspiring to be or to become a wonderful photographer, I’m really just wanting to snap memories. But in doing so, I’m learning little tricks and tips.