Friday, February 7, 2014


Day 38 Disorganized (3)
The shelves in the garage.

Day 38 Disorganized (1)
I haven’t touched these shelves – they were like this when I moved in. I have pulled a few light bulbs out of here though!

When I asked the husband for ideas for “disorganized” he mentioned the shelves in the garage and my desk. MY DESK?  What? it’s not disorganized if I know where everything is, RIGHT???

Day 38 Disorganized (4)


  1. I've been busy this past week organizing closets and cupboards so I really appreciate this post. We've dropped off some donations to the Salvation Army and have more trash than usual this week. I figure by doing some spring cleaning, maybe spring will come sooner?

    1. That sounds like a great theory!! I think I will begin spring cleaning RIGHT NOW!!!